Triathlon Vitoria, half ironman distance

Finally I did a good race after a difficult season. Triathlon Vitoria, in half ironman distance, first place finisher!!

My performance came as quite a surprise, as I wasn’t having the best feelings in training. On the bike I was feeling good and the race course was perfect for me. But the swim and the run were a different story. For several reasons, I was not able to swim in the last 4 weeks, I just did 5 sessions: 3 open water and 2 in the pool, 10.000 meters in total. And I swam well in the race!! For sure, all the work I’m doing in the ThoraxTrainer is paying off. Run training has not been good either, save a long run I did in the mountains with my brother, 7h30′, 50km and 3000m vertical climb. I guess that helped too.
Nevertheless, I felt quite ready on race day. I did I very good start and I swam comfortably on my own, I was 15th out of the water, almost 3 minutes down the leaders, but feeling fresh.
Fast transition and onto the bike. My plan was to ride steady on the first half and then push harder towards the end. I felt it was meant to be my day from the very first pedal stroke. I was going fast with very little effort and in km 35 was already in second position. Started pushing I little harder and got the lead in km 65. From then until the finish I pushed hard, as I knew I needed a good gap if I wanted to have a chance to win.
The run was pure joy. The crowds in Gasteiz are amazing. It’s not possible to hold back, and going behind the leading bike also makes you go faster. The first kilometers went by with no effort, but I had no idea where was the rest of the field. Then, on a turning point I saw that I had a big gap on second place and I started to believe that the win was very likely. From that point, I really enjoyed the remaining kilometers.
It’s impressive how the crowds can push you in this race. For sure, I took my time to celebrate. If you yet don’t know this race, I totally recomend it. It’s the 10th edition and in 2012 it was home to long distance world championships.
And the best of the day was yet to come.
Eskerrik asko/thank you for all your support.

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