Thorax Trainer: first real test

The real test for the Thorax Trainer, for me personally, it’s the swim in a triathlon.

I started using the Thorax Trainer in September last year with the clear goal of improving my swim. At the same time, I’ve had several problems to swim in the pool this year, so I decided to do a little experiment:
 I would be swimming once per week and do 3 sessions in the Thorax Trainer. From November to May, and then test the results in a triathlon.
This has been my swim training from November 2014 till May 2015:
Average weekly distance: 2900m (I only had 2 weeks with no swimming)
Maximum: 7200m (divided in two sessions)
I’ve been very consistent, but it has been by far the year I’ve swam the least. Surprinsingly, I was feeling very good.
So, we are already in May and it was time to test the results in competition. I have raced two sprint distance triathlons and these were my performances on the swim:
Time fastest swimmer My time relative diff Position out of water
Race 1 10’08” +1’04 +10.5% 17th (264 total)
Race 2 17’50” +1’17” +7.2% 10th (345 total)

I’m not a good swimmer, I’ve never been and I know that probably I will never be. But this results are very surprising to me. Not only considering the very limited swim training, but also because I had never swam so fast!! Now I have the confirmation that the training in the Thorax Training has a positive effect on my swimming performance. I’ve only started with this new training and I’m still getting stronger. And when I add more training in the water I will improve even more. It’s a process, let’s see where it takes me.



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